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The Recognition Awards

Once a year, WWW joins forces with the CA State Fair Cannabis Awards & Exhibit to spotlight some of the most praiseworthy women in California Cannabis.

WWW Recognition Award Categories

CA Educator of the Year - Mskindness B. Ramirez, MA.Ed (2023 WINNER)

She is informing consumers and the public about the benefits of plant medicine and seeks to fill the education gap through intentional programming and services. She may be a teacher, lawyer, agency owner, consultant, healer or otherwise. 

CA Thought MOTHER of the Year  - Jessica Gonzalez  (2023 WINNER)

She is willing to use her public presence and influence to help normalize cannabis use for parents everywhere. She is a creative and bold risk-taker. She may be an Influencer or public figure who uses her platform to push the #CannaMom movement forward.

CA Legacy Woman of the Year - Felicia Carbajal (2023 WINNER)

She has dedicated many years to the advancement of plant medicine. She may be an industry veteran, original organizer, the first of many, long time advocate, lobbyist or otherwise. 

WOMEN::WEED::WELLNESS honored three phenomenal women at

The California State Fair Cannabis Awards & Exhibit at 5:30pm on

Sunday, July 23rd. 

Thank you to more than 2200 people who voted to honor these women. 

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