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About Club Kindness

Est. 2015

Founded by Master Educator, Mskindness B. Ramirez,our mission is to EDUCATE Learners, foster CONNECTions, and SUSTAIN communities for social change.

Since 2015, we have served the community with direct to consumer Cannabis education and impact-driven events. Today, we offer an expansive variety of easy-to-digest online courses, as well as client specific programming and individualized learning modules for Cannabis Brands, Medial Cannabis Patients, and Progressive Community Groups. 


Our media services take creative content from ideation to delivery. Specializing in representative instructional promos & brand highlights.Led by Professional Educators and industry Thought Leaders. Club Kindness is a mindful enterprise, offering pathways to ownership for all joining team members; with a collaborative leadership model that intentionally decentralizes power.

Online Class

What we Do



+CKElevated Community Sessions™ are in-person workshops, designed by classroom educators, for those individuals, families & brnads looking to expand their knowledge of plant medicine. 

+CK Prodigy Class™ delivers the basics on any subject in under 30 minutes. Courses are facilitated by Thought Leaders & those Provocative Entrepreneurs who represent the Global Majority.



+CK PRO is our in-house team that offers on-demand photography, videography and post-production products. 


We cater to Conscious Creators & Impact-Driven Brands looking to highlight thoughtful work. 


From ideation to delivery, we provide the a la carte digital media services that every social enterprise needs.



+CK Events have purpose beyond entertainment & fun.


We bring like-minded individuals together for lifestyle & wellness events that also reinvest in our community.


We partner with those organizations working to uplift historically marginalized groups, and support initiatives that seeks to create equity.

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