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...feminine-forward talks about plant medicine

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The Women, Weed & Wellness track of feminine-forward talks  came to the California State Fair Cannabis Awards & Exhibit in Sacramento, CA on Sunday, July 23rd.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Pepper Hernandez, set the tone with her talk, "The Plant as a Mother."

Followed by a live taping of the podcast "Moms do Weed," hosted by Chiah Rodriguez and Patty Lanier.

With special guest, Mskindness B. Ramirez. Professional Educator, Author, CEO & full-time Wife & Mother. The trio discussed Conscious Parenting & Ethical Consumption Practices.


Following the live podcast, are two thoughtfully curated panels that will offer a safe space for women to learn and connect over the challenges, stigmas and benefits of using Cannabis for wellness through life’s stages, and as parents or caregivers. 

On the evening of Sunday July 23, 2023 we also honored three of the most praiseworthy women in CA Cannabis.
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